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Norris Burkes

Norris Burkes

As a military and hospital chaplain, I routinely observe the stories of faith in the everyday lives of real people. My site tells those faith stories in a humorous, hope-filled, and honest way. I believe you will find them inspiring and potentially life-changing. Most of all, I believe the insight within these stories will connect with your story in a meaningful way. Enjoy!

Thriving Beyond Surviving

BookCoverPreview.do 894×666 pixels As a hospital and military Chaplain Norris Burkes has seen things he must never tell. Yet as a syndicated columnist in 38 secular newspapers around the country, he has found ways to share shades of the sacred with his readers.

This book compiles ten years of newspaper columns that takes you into the military battlefield as well as the trauma rooms of major hospitals.

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Recent Columns From Norris Burkes

Dec 30, 2017

By Norris Burkes Dec 31 2017 Normally, I compose my last column of the year from a collage of quotes collected from my past year’s writing. I’ve done much the same in this column, but I’ve focused on quotes centering on my retirement planning. In May, I told you of my decision to retire from [...]

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Dec 24, 2017

By Norris Burkes Posted Dec 24, 2017 The Psalmist suggests that the best way to understand Scripture is to meditate on it “day and night.” Problem is, my short attention span denies me such 24/7 operations. Fortunately, a pastor friend recently suggested a meditation method that involves using the point of view of the biblical [...]

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Dec 17, 2017

By Norris Burkes t Dec 17, 2017 My wife and I have very different childhood Christmas stories. Her professional-class parents (a minister and a schoolteacher) somehow managed to stock their Christmas tree with a boatload of gifts wrapped in a flurry of fluffy bows. Their tradition called for each person to open gifts one at [...]

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Dec 10, 2017

By Norris Burkes Posted Dec 10, 2017 at 7:14 PM In 1991, I began training to become a hospital chaplain in a yearlong postgraduate residency called Clinical Pastoral Education. It was a hospital-based clinical internship that consisted of half-dozen seminary graduates. Each morning, the student interns went onto the wards to support patients in need [...]

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