Chaplain Norris Burkes has recorded audio files for the columns listed below...

Have you got the Victory Vax?
Does My Brother's Death count?
Changing the Tune of Racism, One Camp Song at a Time


Chaplains Bring More than a Bible to Victims of Hellish Fire


Supersizing Your Order with Gratitude


Becky’s Choice


Translating Our Faith to Be Understood


Freedom’s Choice


The Case of the Stolen Freedoms


Flag Day from the Perspective of the Fallen (audio)


The 2001 Prayer Odyssey — Why Space Exploration Deserves our Blessing


Expired Tags Everywhere – What Am I to do?


Escaped Pig


The Disappearing Hat Trick




Planning to Live


Listen to my first column recording – Doubt Rekindles the Fire of Faith


Navigating the Paths of Certainty


Was I a lucky charm chaplain?


Breaking the news of family tragedy is never routine