What Editors are Saying about Norris

The Des Moines Register used Norris Burkes’ column as a regular substitute in place of our Religion Editor’s column when she’s on vacation. Burkes’ columns invariably get response from our readers. His experiences as a hospital chaplain often are dramatic and heart-wrenching, but it’s his ability to chronicle the challenges and gifts of trying to apply faith and Biblical teachings to everyday life that resonate most often with Iowa readers.

Anne Carothers-Kay, Assistant Metro editor
Des Moines Register

Norris Burkes’ work as a chaplain appears to have taught him two things: what spiritual questions people have as they encounter crisis or uncertainly, and how to deal with those questions in ways that are human and redemptive. Burkes’ columns reflect his openness, vulnerability and willingness to grapple with difficult issues as a fellow spiritual seeker, even as his personal faith shines through.

Larry Cornies, Editor
The London Free Press
London, Ontario Canada

Good columnists get people to consider things. Great columnists touch a deeper chord; they compel readers to think, to reflect on life’s wonder. Norris Burkes is a great one.

Tom Clifford, Asst. Editor
Florida Today

As I have moved from newspaper to newspaper, I have added your column to each one along the way. Why? It touched me when I read it, and I believed it would do the same for readers. I haven’t been wrong. Each time I’ve added your column, readers have responded. They’ve said it makes them laugh, it makes them cry, it makes them think about what’s important in their lives. As a newspaper editor, you can’t serve a reader any better than that.

Marisa J. Porto, Assistant Managing Editor/Features
Fort Myers News-Press

Though I often lament the mediocrity that marks much of what is published on both sides of the fence that divides Christian from secular, Norris gives me reason to hope. His fresh insight and writing acumen represent well our Creator God.

Gary A. Terashita, Senior Acquisitions and Development Editor
Broadman & Holman Publishers
Nashville, TN

Norris Burkes’ deceptively spare slices of life entice with humor and insight, causing readers to consume ample food for thought before they know it.

Sam House, Editor of Leadership Adult Publishing
Nashville TN

Out of his background of both military and hospital chaplaincy, Norris Burkes writes with an insight that is fresh and often unique. As an editor who has used many of Burkes columns, I can say he is prompt, he is dependable, and most importantly — he is good!

Don Lindman, Editor
The Amy Syndicate

I’m the managing editor at the Baxtor Bulletin and in this size staff, I’m also the Religion editor. I’ve been involved in newspapering for 20 years and ministry for even longer, and your column is one of the best I’ve read. I really think your newspaper articles are well-written and touching.

Sheila Boggess, Managing Editor
Baxter Bulletin