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Bee-boppin’ with iFaith

Everywhere I look these days, I see someone bee-bopping down the street with earbuds connected to their iPhone or whatever brand of smartphone they carry. These amazing devices are about the size of a cigarette box and are capable of storing an entire music collection, along with a library of books and galleries of pictures.

Marriages and their unforeseen complications

This is the season feared by most ministers – wedding season. In fact, most ministers would rather do a funeral than a wedding. No, it’s not because we’d rather see someone die than get married. It’s because funerals are simpler. The biggest requirement in preaching a good funeral sermon is empathy, something that well suits

News Journal columnist Norris Burkes draws band of devotees

By LISA MILLER • News Journal • October 27, 2008 -- One woman said she came to hear Norris Burkes speak because she wanted to see a celebrity. Another woman wanted to hear the kinds of stories he tells in his columns that appear in the News Journal and newspapers around the country. Others wanted

Writer gives a stand-up twist to spiritual message

Burkes delights readers both in column and 2006 book It's fairly easy to coax a laugh out of someone if you rattle off some choice expletives or an off-color joke. But to be graceful and also funny is a rare talent. And when that amusement comes with a reassuring spiritual message, it's divine. Readers of

Norris Burkes flyer to Spiritual Care

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Columnist says tragedy led him to become a chaplain

By Bob Jamieson - Star-Gazette We are better equipped to go through trying times than we think, says Norris Burkes, who will visit the Elmira area Sept. 9 to 15 for a series of appearances to share his experiences as a minister and hospital and military chaplain. Tragedy led Burkes, 50, a Southern Baptist

Meet columnist – McKinley Library

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‘Spirituality’ columnist Norris Burkes visits Staunton

By Christina M. Mitchell/staff • • What’s this? STAUNTON — Syndicated columnist and the Rev. Norris Burkes is entertaining crowds in the Queen City this week. On Sunday, the "Spirituality" columnist spoke with a group at Second Presbyterian Church in Staunton. This morning, he'll be at Mary Baldwin College's Miller Chapel for another public