Spirituality In Everyday Life

Norris Burkes

As a military and hospital chaplain, I routinely observe the stories of faith in the everyday lives of real people. My site tells those faith stories in a humorous, hope-filled, and honest way. I believe you will find them inspiring and potentially life-changing. Most of all, I believe the insight within these stories will connect with your story in a meaningful way. Enjoy!

Thriving Beyond Surviving

BookCoverPreview.do 894×666 pixels As a hospital and military Chaplain Norris Burkes has seen things he must never tell. Yet as a syndicated columnist in 38 secular newspapers around the country, he has found ways to share shades of the sacred with his readers.

This book compiles ten years of newspaper columns that takes you into the military battlefield as well as the trauma rooms of major hospitals.

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Recent Columns From Norris Burkes

May 01, 2021

By Norris Burkes May 02, 2021 (Revised after publication.) The most important piece of equipment, in my opinion, is something issued to me during my military career. Soldiers called it the BS detector. Yes, I said it. But for the purposes of this spiritual column – and for my mom – let’s call it my […]

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Apr 25, 2021

April 25, 2021 By Norris Burkes What might you think of a chaplain who told you to put yourselves before others? Well,  I think there’s someone out there who just might need to hear this advice.  Today, I want you to put yourself first. My self-care counsel is very similar to the instructions given by […]

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Apr 16, 2021

Readers note: Thank you to all who contributed to the matching challenge to support Chispa Project. You can still give at www.ChispaProject.org/thechaplain. Or send checks made to “Chispa Project” 10566 Combie Rd. Suite 6643 Auburn, CA 95602   Seven years ago, I planned a special cruise-ship dinner during which I’d tell my wife I was retiring from […]

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Apr 11, 2021

By Norris Burkes April 11 2021 Think about that moment in childhood when a scary noise sends you diving under your bed cover. Then, with trembling hands, you shine a flashlight into the room and find renewed confidence to venture out. That’s how I feel as my wife Becky and I board a plane to […]

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