Spirituality In Everyday Life

Norris Burkes

As a military and hospital chaplain, I routinely observe the stories of faith in the everyday lives of real people. My site tells those faith stories in a humorous, hope-filled, and honest way. I believe you will find them inspiring and potentially life-changing. Most of all, I believe the insight within these stories will connect with your story in a meaningful way. Enjoy!

Thriving Beyond Surviving

BookCoverPreview.do 894×666 pixels As a hospital and military Chaplain Norris Burkes has seen things he must never tell. Yet as a syndicated columnist in 38 secular newspapers around the country, he has found ways to share shades of the sacred with his readers.

This book compiles ten years of newspaper columns that takes you into the military battlefield as well as the trauma rooms of major hospitals.

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Recent Columns From Norris Burkes

Jan 27, 2023

By Norris Burkes Jan 28, 2023 Last Sunday was Sanctity of Life Sunday, a day proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. And it was a hard subject to preach in my new pulpit at Community Church, Nevada City. Unfortunately, the Bible gave me little help. The Old Testament only hints at abortion in Numbers […]

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Jan 21, 2023

Jan 22, 2023 This month, I’m exchanging my hospice chaplain badge for a California pulpit at the Community Church of Nevada City. At 65 years old, I don’t anticipate ever wearing another chaplain badge, so the occasion has me recalling the first day I wore the badge, 32 years ago. The year was 1991, and […]

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Jan 13, 2023

By Norris Burkes, Jan 15 2023 Last month, I treated my daughter Brittney to lunch at Shawarma Planet, a popular Syrian restaurant in a South Sacramento’s urban storefront. From behind the counter, the owner took our order for a lamb gyro, then went back to prepare our food. The dining room was empty, so we […]

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Jan 06, 2023

By Norris Burkes, Jan 8 2023 If you’ve already busted your top three New Year’s Resolutions – which likely involved the overextension of your waistline, credit line or simply too much wine — I have a suggestion to bring your goals back on track. To achieve those goals, you may need to forget about them. […]

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