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Norris Burkes

As a military and hospital chaplain, I routinely observe the stories of faith in the everyday lives of real people. My site tells those faith stories in a humorous, hope-filled, and honest way. I believe you will find them inspiring and potentially life-changing. Most of all, I believe the insight within these stories will connect with your story in a meaningful way. Enjoy!

Thriving Beyond Surviving

A black and white arrow pointing to the left. As a hospital and military Chaplain Norris Burkes has seen things he must never tell. Yet as a syndicated columnist in 38 secular newspapers around the country, he has found ways to share shades of the sacred with his readers.

This book compiles ten years of newspaper columns that takes you into the military battlefield as well as the trauma rooms of major hospitals.

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Recent Columns From Norris Burkes

Feb 23, 2024

By Norris Burkes Feb 25 2024 Folks occasionally ask me how they too might become a hospital chaplain. Some seem to hope I’ll say they need only attend five Monday nights of training in a local church, and they can start making the big bucks. The five-week program works for many volunteer positions, but for […]

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Feb 16, 2024

By Norris Burkes Feb 18 2024 It seems that whenever pastors preach to a sparse crowd, they often begin by quoting Matthew 18:20. However, they remove the verse from its context to passively express their disappointment for the low numbers.   “This reminds me of what Jesus said,” they’ll jest. “‘For where two or three […]

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Feb 09, 2024

By Norris Burkes Feb 11 2024 If you’re buying Valentine roses this week, prepare yourself for sticker shock. The average price for a dozen will be $90. However, if you want a bargain, have them delivered on any day but the actual day. That’s the economic lesson I learned some years ago when a floral […]

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Feb 02, 2024

By Norris Burkes Feb 4, 2024 In case you didn’t know, your digital calendar probably reminded you about Groundhog Day – AGAIN. The outdated day gained modern fame from the 1993 movie “Groundhog Day,” where Bill Murray wakes up to repeat the same day over and over.  Why in the world do I need a […]

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